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My Campaigns - War of the Dead

I set this site up as a central site with access to my Savage World's Deluxe campaigns. Though designed to support my players, anyone who wanders in is welcome to whatever they find of use to their games...

I currently have 3 Savage Worlds campaigns - Two are on hold, one is active. One of the on hold campaign's is my War of the Dead. War of the Dead and the follow on product World of the Dead are set in a zombie apocalypse. War covers 52 weekly instalments that follow the player's characters from the breakout of the disease on a transamerican journey to find a rumored safe haven.

World of the Dead takes up four years later when the zombie's are less of a threat than the other survivors and various vactions manipulating things in the back ground. I was involved in the World of the Dead release and wrote some material for it. I have also expanded on the settlement of New Phoenix at my fansite liste in the web sites.