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My Campaigns - Low Life, Living Low Living Campaign

I set this site up as a central site with access to my Savage World's Deluxe campaigns. Though designed to support my players, anyone who wanders in is welcome to whatever they find of use to their games...

I currently have 3 Savage Worlds campaigns - Two are on hold, one is active. My Low Life: Living Low campaign is also the official campaign for Andy Hopp's Low Life game. It is designed to be run at conventions, which makes it even easier to run at home. The adventures are avaialble for free online at the Living Low site (Under Web Sites on the navigation bar).

Low Life could probably best be discribed as very silly people living in a very silly world who take it very seriously. It takes place a million years in the future, where every concievable calamaity that COULD happen to the earth has. Civilization as we know it is nothing more than some odds and ends that have been recovered by the current denizens. The original concept of Low Life was playing various low level organisms that you might find living under a sink! To that end the playable races in Low Life include evolved Roaches, Flies, Beetles and Worms. There are also genetic experiments gone wrong and animated refuse as well as Snack Cakes that have become sentient!

The setting has a lot in common with a Conanesque Hyborian Age. Lots of small kingdoms, each with its own government. laws and religions. There are a wide variety of magic ranging from straight up Wizard (Hocus Poker) to a variety of Demonologist / Necromancer types that raise minions from dead bodies and... refuse, yes garbage based minions! There is also an anology to an alchemist who works with odors and scents instead of poitions and powders. Then there is the Giggity-Gigger who takes advantage of the capabilities of a creature found on Mutha Oith - the Giggity which has the ability to copy traits (skills, attributes, etc) from on creature and transfer it to another.

Currently the campaign is an overland voyage, but it will soon be branching off into both an Underwhere (analogous to the Underdark) and Ocean going (Above and below the surface).