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I set this site up as a central site with access to my Savage World's Deluxe campaigns. Though designed to support my players, anyone who wanders in is welcome to whatever they find of use to their games...

I currently have 3 Savage Worlds campaigns - Two are on hold, one is active. The active one is my home grown "Interface Zero 2.0:Abandon All Hope". The base idea is a combintaion of the RPG Object's Abandon All Hope roleplaying game setting with a dash of Syfy Channel's "Dark Matter", and a healthy dose of Event Horizon and Doom.

I love the concept of Abandon All Hope, but I am pretty married tot he Savage Worlds Deluxe RPG System, so I borrowed the basic concept (Convicts on a huge 8km long colony starship, sent out to deep space and stuck between our universe and a nasty Cthulhian elsewhere) and added some of my own twists to make it my own.